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Mini-Rayonex 5G

Mini-Rayonex 5G

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Rayonex Biomedical GmbH has been producing the portable MINI-RAYONEX for over 35 years. More...more

Rayonex Biomedical GmbH has been producing the portable MINI-RAYONEX for over 35 years. More than a 100,000 units have been produced so far. For the MINI-RAYONEX, an impressive collection of testimonials from various users has been created on Amazon, because it is just as popular there.  

Since the new 5G standard for mobile network carries out so-called "beamforming", i.e. if the transmitting beam of the antennas is steered at the cell phone of the person using it, Rayonex Biomedical GmbH was looking for a mobile solution to help the organism cope with this 5G radiation.

The solution: the new MINI-RAYONEX 5G

The new MINI-RAYONEX 5G builds on the previous Mini-Rayonex and its fundamental frequency value of 12.5. In addition, however, it contains a further fundamental frequency value, which in our experience is always required when you are under the influence of a 5G network.

The new MINI-RAYONEX 5G therefore contains two fundamental frequency values of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt: firstly, the fundamental frequency value 12.5, and secondly the most important 5G fundamental frequency value of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt.

For operation:

Just as the frequency spectrum of sunlight regulates the vitamin D balance, pigmentation or melanin formation, in our experience there are many other frequency spectra that can trigger regulation in our organism. In accordance with the principles of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, two fundamental frequency values were integrated in the MINI-RAYONEX 5G via two dipole antenna systems. There are extremely interesting in-vitro studies on the dipole antenna system of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, i.e. examinations, the results of which were obtained under laboratory conditions. The studies can be viewed at .

Since the MINI-RAYONEX 5G has the same size as a previous Mini-Rayonex, it can be comfortably and very easily worn on the body, e.g. in your pocket or handbag.  

Tip: The 5G Rayonator in combination with a Duplex IV has proven itself as a stationary device for the home, the office or the practice.

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5 / 5 Punkte

Wunderbares Teil, sofort spürbar

Ich habe heute meiner Frau einen Mini-Rayonex 5G geschenkt. Letzte Woche bestellt, kam superschnell an, sicher verpackt und er präsentiert sich sehr hochwertig. Das Teil selbst liegt gut in der Hand, ca. seifenstückgroß, lässt sich gut am Körper tragen. Wirkung war sofort zu als angenehm zu spüren.

5 / 5 Punkte

Hervorragend, äußerst empfehlenswert!

Der Mini-Rayonex 56 ist extrem wertvoll und hilfreich, es ist ein merklich besseres Gefühl, ihn bei sich zu tragen und gibt ein entspannteres Herzgefühl. Außerordentlich empfehlenswert!

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